Drill: Wrap Around & Go

Video Credits: The athlete in this video is the awesome Martina Rica. Follow Martina on Instagram: @MartinaBasketball

Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Intermediate, Skill Development: Layups, Shooting, Ball Control. The Wrap Around and Go drill, will help you develop your ball control specifically when attacking the hoop.  When an offensive player drives to the hoop, they need to contend with defenders trying to stop them. If we can improve our ball control by being able to read the defence and keep the ball away from the defender, then we will have greater success on either scoring or drawing a foul which will take you to the foul line. Be explosive and try and do this drill as quickly as you can.

Drill Instruction

  1. Begin in a triple threat position anywhere around the 3 point line facing the hoop.
  2. Start your layup by dribbling to the basket keeping your bounces to a minimum. Take off quickly.
  3. As part of your finishing, you want to take 2 large steps to the basket. As soon as you are two large steps away from the hoop, stop dribbling and prepare to take your 2 large steps to the basket.
  4. When taking your 2 large steps, wrap the ball around your waist. 
  5. To wrap the ball around your waist; With your dribbling hand, wrap the ball around your back to your opposite hand and with your opposite hand, bring the ball around to the front of you and hand the ball back to your dribbling hand which will also become your shooting hand.
  6. Complete your 2 steps, wrap around and finish at the hoop.

Coaching Message

  1. Keep your eyes up. You want to be able to see what is in front of you.
  2. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Be Explosive when attacking the hoop. Get to the hoop from the 3 point line in as least number of bounces possible.
  3. Complete repetitions of this drill by dribbling and shooting with your left and right hands.
  4. Attack the hoop and Be Awesome!

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