Drill: Spin Out Left, Pivot & Shoot

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Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Intermediate, Skill Development: Shooting, Balance, Pivot & Footwork. This is an excellent drill to work on your inside foot plant off the catch. Through good footwork to keep you balanced you can catch the ball and quickly turn and face the basket and put up a well balanced shot. In this drill the inside foot we will practice is your right foot. Make sure your shot follows the ROB rules, in Range, Open shot and you are Balanced.

Drill Instruction

  1. Start anywhere within shooting range facing the basket.
  2. Throw the ball up and out to your left side with some back spin so the ball bounces up or back to your
    direction. Avoid the ball bouncing away from you.
  3. Chase the ball and on catch of the ball with both hands plant your inside foot (right foot), pivot from your inside foot (right foot) and face the hoop.
  4. Complete a jump shot.
  5. Rebound the ball and repeat the drill.

Coaching Messages

  1. Shoot from within range. When you master this drill, then try and shoot from outside of your range.
  2. Step into the ball after the back spin. Don’t wait for the ball to come to you.
  3. Complete your pivot when you are facing the basket.
  4. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Try and score 20-30 successful shots before ending the drill.
  5. Improve your footwork and scoring and Be Awesome!

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