Drill: Shooting Form

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Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Beginner, Skill Development: Shooting. This is a beginners guide to help you develop and practice your shooting form. Great basketball shooters are made, not born. Besides talent, a good shooter requires many hours of practice. Steph Curry, who is one of the greatest shooters on the planet, makes 500 shots per day in the summer and makes 200 to 350 shots per day during the season! This drill will help you develop your shooting technique. The focus is on BEEF – Balance, Eyes, Elbow and Follow through. When you master this drill, challenge yourself by increasing your shooting position just outside your range.

Drill Instruction

  1. Begin by standing one large step away from the hoop.
  2. Facing the basket, balance yourself, hold the ball under your eyes with your shooting hand and balance it with your opposite hand. The opposite hand should only balance the ball and not hold or grab the ball.
  3. Lower the ball under your eyes, tuck your elbow low into your ribs and prepare to shoot.
  4. Shoot the ball by raising your shooting hand elbow and follow through finishing with your hands looking like a Swan. Your shooting hand should follow through pointing towards the hoop. Your arm should lock in at a position of 1 o’clock i.e. not straight up vertically above your head but slightly vertically forward.
  5. Your opposite hand should not move and stay in the same position it was in before the shot.
  6. Get the rebound and repeat.

Coaching Messages

  1. Remember BEEF – Balance, Eyes, Elbow and Follow through
  2. In Drill Instruction 2, we are shooting close so we kept the ball just under our eyes. If we need to shoot from a greater distance and need extra power, then bring the ball down lower to your stomach.
  3. Focus on technique – getting your shooting technique right is more important than making scores.
  4. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Set yourself a target for the number of goals to score without missing.
  5. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Set yourself a target for the number of swishes
  6. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Shoot from a greater distance away from the basket. Stay within shooting range.
  7. Be a Shooter and Be Awesome!

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