Drill: Shoot, Rebound & Score

Video Credits: Coach Girls, Instagram: @Coach.Girls, Facebook: @CoachGirlsBasketball, TikTok: @Coach.Girls, Website: www.coachgirls.com

Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Beginner, Skill Development: Shooting & Rebounding. This drill will help you improve your shooting from the foul line, reading and reacting to rebound the ball and your scoring from under the basket.

Drill Instruction

  1. From the foul line shoot the ball.
  2. Regardless whether the ball goes in or not, move towards the basket and rebound the ball.
  3. On rebound, shoot the ball and keep rebounding and shooting until you score.
  4. Repeat these steps.

Coaching Messages

  1. Focus on your shooting form when completing your foul shot. Practice a foul shot routine.
  2. On rebound, jump high and take the ball at its highest point.
  3. When shooting from under the basket, keep the ball high after the rebound.
  4. Put the second shot up quickly.
  5. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Practice until you can complete the drill 5 times with no scoring misses.
  6. Shoot and score from your rebounds…..Be Awesome!

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