Drill: Retreat and Go

Video Credits: Coach Girls, Instagram: @Coach.Girls, Facebook: @CoachGirlsBasketball, TikTok: @Coach.Girls, Website: www.coachgirls.com

Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Advanced, Skill Development: Layups, Handles, Footwork & Shooting. The retreat dribble is a good move to make when you are being closely guarded.  This drill will help you practice a retreat dribble so you can create space between you and the defender helping you have time to decide your next move and navigate your way to the hoop.  We want to practice attacking the hoop after the retreat dribble.  In this drill we have added some crafty crossovers to help challenge you but also help make you unpredictable to your defender.

Drill Instruction

  1. Dribble to the top of the key
  2. Change direction quickly with a crafty cross through between the legs or a crossover from behind your back
  3. Attack the left or right elbow
  4. Retreat by pushing off your lead foot to create space.  Keep your eyes up and put your arm guard up.
  5. When you finish retreating, square up and be ready to quickly make your next decision.
  6. Be explosive and attack the basket with a layup.

Coaching Messages

  1. On retreat, keep your eyes up so you can see what your defender is doing and be able to make the right read on what to do next.
  2. When retreating from the defender keep the ball away from the defender.
  3. Be explosive on and after your retreat and Be Awesome!

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