Drill: Post Up, Jab Right & Shoot

Video Credits: Coach Girls, Instagram: @Coach.Girls, Facebook: @CoachGirlsBasketball, TikTok: @Coach.Girls, Website: www.coachgirls.com

Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Advanced, Skill Development: Posting Up, Foot Jab & Shooting. This is a great drill for all players especially centres and forwards trying to develop their agility from the post position. The foot jab will be used to try and fake the defender that you are going one way and you will quickly turn to the opposite direction and score over left shoulder.

Drill Instruction

  1. Starting from the post position, with your back to the basket on either side of the hoop. You will need somebody to pass the ball to you. If nobody is available to pass the ball to you then use a wall or a back spin to start the drill.
  2. Put your hand up where you want to receive the ball.
  3. Receive the ball and then pound the ball and jab your right foot to your right. Keep your left foot as your grounded pivot foot.
  4. Quickly pivot off your left foot, face the basket and shoot with your right hand.

Coaching Message

  1. When shooting, jump high!
  2. On the bounce, pound the ball hard and keep control.
  3. Be explosive under the basket and…Be Awesome!

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