Drill: Mikan

Video Credits: Coach Girls, Instagram: @Coach.Girls, Facebook: @CoachGirlsBasketball, TikTok: @Coach.Girls, Website: www.coachgirls.com

Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Intermediate, Skill Development: Shooting & Footwork. This Mikan drill will help you improve your finishing around the basket.  Suitable for all players and especially centres and forwards.  It helps develop your footwork, timing, coordination, rhythm, and comfort from scoring around the hoop.  Master this drill by continuing to improve how many baskets you can score within a set time limit.

Drill Instructions

  1. Starting on the left side of the basket facing the baseline.
  2. Position the ball above your head and power layup the ball with your left hand.
  3. Rebound the ball and try and keep the ball above your head.
  4. Complete a right handed power layup on the right side of the basket.
  5. Repeat with power layups rotating between the left side and right side of the basket.

Coaching Messages

  1. Keep the ball up as high as you can.
  2. Manage your timing and balance.
  3. Start the next step as soon as you rebound the ball.
  4. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Set a target on how many you can score in a row.
  5. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Set a time limit and score as many as you can in that time.
  6. Be Strong under the Basket and…Be Awesome!

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