Drill: Left Side Power Layup

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Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Beginner, Skill Development: Layups, Shooting & Footwork. This is a great drill for beginners who are learning to layup. The power layup is a strong attack to the hoop and used when you need to protect the ball from defenders. The power layup is less about speed to the basket (like the 2 step layup is) and more about being strong on your layup. Layups win games so it is important to develop excellent layup technique. Learn the basic technique before using them in games and before practicing your layups at game speed. When mastering this drill you should be able to perform a left sided power layup at game speed.

Drill Instruction

  1. Starting in a triple threat position, on the left side and around 2 big steps outside the 3 point line.
  2. With your eyes up, lock in your target (the basket).
  3. Dribble the ball with your left hand towards the left side of the basket.
  4. When arriving close to the basket, take a step out with your inside foot first (right foot) and then jump straight up off both feet.
  5. Your outside hand from the basket (your left hand) should shoot the ball similar to your normal shot, but straight up.
  6. Your inside hand (right hand) should be up and strong to protect the ball.
  7. Shoot up high and aim for the top corner of the box.

Coaching Messages

  1. Players MUST be in control of their body as they perform their layup.
  2. Keep your eyes up so you can read the defence.
  3. To help gain control, slow down to help maintain balance and it will improve your shooting accuracy.
  4. On layup, protect the ball with your non shooting hand so it cannot be easily stripped away from you.
  5. If you feel like you don’t have balance and control and cannot score, slow down and focus on technique.
  6. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: When you have mastered the technique, practice at game speed. Be Explosive!
  7. Layups Win Games, so…Be Awesome!

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