Drill: 4 Cross Throughs & Shoot

Video Credits: Coach Girls, Instagram: @Coach.Girls, Facebook: @CoachGirlsBasketball, TikTok: @Coach.Girls, Website: www.coachgirls.com

Coaching Objective

Skill Level: Advanced, Skill Development: Ball Handling, Balance, Control & Shooting. This drill will help develop ball control and the ability to shoot while trying to maintain balance. To Master this Drill, be explosive while maintaining your balance and keep your eyes up.

Drill Instruction

  1. From a distance from the basket around foul line, add 4 cones (or mark 4 spots with chalk). Each cone should be spaced by one large step from one another.
  2. Starting from the first cone in a Triple Threat position.
  3. Step to the first cone and cross the ball through your legs.
  4. Continue moving through to the next 3 cones and cross the ball through your legs at each cone. Don’t stop dribbling.
  5. After the 4th cone, cross through, balance and shoot.
  6. Complete the same drill again and start from the 4th cone this time.

Coaching Messages

  1. Push through this drill quickly
  2. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Try and complete the 4 cross throughs and your shot as quickly as possible. Time yourself and try and beat your best time.
  3. Keep low and maintain balance and control.
  4. When shooting, don’t rush the shot, be balanced and concentrate on good shooting form.
  5. Get some height on your jump shot.
  6. Keep your eyes up from cone to cone.

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